AYER, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cambrooke Therapeutics Inc., an innovation leader in therapeutic nutrition for inborn errors of metabolism and ketogenic diet therapy, expands its KetoVie Café food line with the launch of KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1.

Cambrooke Therapeutics expands its KetoVie Café food line with the launch of Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1.

Cambrooke Therapeutics continues to innovate in the ketogenic diet therapy landscape beyond its KetoVie 4:1 and KetoVie™ Peptide Medical Food formulas with an expanding ketogenic diet friendly food line. KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1 is a delicious, sweet snack developed for people observing the ketogenic diet for intractable epilepsy. This is the second ketogenic diet-friendly food item following the launch of KetoVie Café Wholesome 3.5:1 Bread in 2015.

Cambrooke Therapeutics has partnered with Dawn Martenz, a ‘keto mom’ and author of two ketogenic diet therapy cookbooks, to assist in development of the KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1. “It is a pleasure to collaborate with a company that continues to grow and understand the needs of ketogenic patients. KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1 have already been a huge hit with my daughter; even her friends want to eat them. Finding convenient snacks has been a challenge, but these little things make a big impact in our everyday life,” says Dawn.

11-year-old Alex Y gives a thumb up on the KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1 and has been successful on a ketogenic diet. “They are better than Dunkin Munchkins. They taste really great,” says Alex.

KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1 are high in fat and low in carbs and can be incorporated into the spectrum of ketogenic diets. The donuts have 4.2 g of net carbs and a 3:1 ketogenic ratio. The cinnamon donut’s texture, look and taste are just like donut holes you would find at a local donut shop or bakery. They are packaged in a 12-count container and perfect for a sweet snack or adding as a dessert to any meal. Shipped frozen, KetoVie Café Donut Delights – Cinnamon 3:1 are immediately available for direct purchase via www.ketovie.com.

About Cambrooke Therapeutics – Founded in 2000, Cambrooke Therapeutics, Inc. is a private equity-backed, Massachusetts-based therapeutic nutrition company and global provider of medical nutrition products for patients with serious unmet medical needs. The company works with physicians and researchers from around the world to develop, test and commercialize products that are today focused on inborn errors of metabolism and intractable epilepsy. More information is available at www.cambrooketherapeutics.com.