JANUARY 8, 2021


China BetterMilk

Ajinomoto Cambrooke, Inc. hosted an online seminar, on December 19, 2020, for our distribution partner in China, as well as for local PKU patients. The focus was to provide the benefits of Glycomacropeptide (GMP) and our products made from it.

Since the acquisition by Ajinomoto, Cambrooke has been exploring an opportunity to support PKU patients in China and currently supplies 780g BetterMilk in Orange Creme and Strawberry Creme flavors. BetterMilk was originally launched, in the US, in 2010 and its clinical benefits and great taste are loved by patients in nearly 20 countries today.

For access to BetterMilk in China, please contact our distribution partner, Synutra group (Shengtong Nutrition), and its local partner, QianlinBaby. Ms. Zhao who is the president of the China PKU union was also invited to the seminar. She visited Cambrooke in 2017 and knows our products very well. She is very excited that Cambrooke products are now available to better support patients in China and will be supporting Chinese patients in understanding the benefits of BetterMilk products.

China BetterMilk味之素 Cambrooke 公司于2020年12月19日为我们在中国的分销合作伙伴以及患者举办了一次在线研讨会。重点介绍了糖巨肽(GMP)和BetterMilk产品的益处。


对供应在中国销售的Better Milk,请咨询我们的分销合作伙伴圣元集团(圣桐营养)及其当地合作伙伴千林宝贝(QianlinBaby)。本次研讨会邀请到中国PKU联盟赵宁会长参加。她曾于2017年访问过Cambrooke公司,非常了解我们的产品。赵宁会长对Cambrooke产品现在可以更好地支持中国患者感到高兴,并愿意帮助中国PKU患者了解Cambrooke产品。